Install Xrdp for Remote Desktop Access on Ubuntu 20.04

To access Ubuntu Desktop thru Windows’ Remote Desktop, Xrdp needs to be installed on Ubuntu and port 3389 will need to be opened thru Ubuntu’s firewall.

  1. Open a Terminal on Ubuntu Desktop.
  2. Install Xrdp:
    $ sudo apt install xrdp
  3. Add Xrdp to ssl-cert group:
    $ sudo adduser xrdp ssl-cert
  4. Restart Xrdp:
    $ sudo systemctl restart xrdp
  5. Configure Ubuntu firewall to only allow LAN access for Remote Desktop.
    $ sudo ufw allow from 192.168.XX.XX/24 to any port 3389
  6. Open Remote Desktop in Windows and enter Ubuntu’s IP address to connect.
  7. Login with your Ubuntu’s credentials.

A quirk with Remote Desktop is that it does not automatically save Ubuntu logins under its easily accessible “Recent” logins, however, you can manually map Ubuntu’s IP address to a “Host Name” thru pfsense’s DNS Resolver. You can then provide the Host Name and your login name and “Save” the Remote Desktop connection by pinning it for easier access.

1. How to Install Xrdp Server (Remote Desktop) on Ubuntu 20.04 – Linuxize

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