Installing Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS in Windows 10 Hyper-V with Mounted SMB Shares

This guide will focus on installing Ubuntu as a base for a Torrent box that downloads directly to a TrueNAS box.

1. A Windows 10 Pro machine, with Hyper-V activated and appropriate BIOS settings allowing virtualization. For example, enabling both SR-IOV and SVM for AMD platforms.
2. A copy of Ubuntu distro []
3. A TrueNAS machine with SMB shares already working.

Part 1 – Installing Ubuntu on Hyper-V

  1. In Hyper-V Manager, click New > Virtual Machine.
  2. Example details:
    • Name: UbuntuVM [best to locate the VM on an NVME or SSD for better performance].
    • Specify Generation: Generation 1.
    • Startup Memory: 8192 MB [uncheck Dynamic Memory].
    • Connection: Default Switch.
    • Create a virtual hard disk: Name the vhdx and locate it on a NVME or SSD for better performance.
    • Size: 20GB
    • Installation Options: “Install an OS” by pointing it to the bootable Ubuntu ISO you downloaded.
    • Click “Finish”
  3. Before starting the VM, right-click on it and choose “Settings”.
    • Processor: adjust it to the number of processors you want the VM to use. Min 2.
    • “Network Adapter > Advanced Features”, you can set a static MAC address for DHCP purposes.
    • Click OK.
  4. Connect and Start the VM.
    • Choose language, keyboard.
    • Choose “Install Ubuntu”.
    • Choose time zone.
    • Choose minimal install.
    • Allow it to install and restart

Part 2 – Mapping TrueNAS SMB Shares Thru fstab

  1. Log into the Ubuntu VM and open a “Terminal”
  2. Install cifs-util:
    $ sudo apt-get install cifs-utils
  3. Make a mount point:
    $ sudo mkdir /mnt/[SomeDirectory]
  4. Create a file to store your SMB credentials:
    $ sudo nano /root/.examplecreds
  5. Add the following 2 lines with your SMB credentials:
  6. Write out the file [Ctrl-O] and exit [Ctrl-X].
  7. Edit fstab:
    $ sudo nano /etc/fstab
  8. Add the following line with your network specifics:
    //[TrueNAS IP]/[Share Name] /mnt/[SomeDirectory] cifs vers=3.0,credentials=/root/.examplecreds,noperm 0 0
    Here’s an example:
    // /mnt/4K_Videos cifs vers=3.0,credentials=/root/.examplecreds,noperm 0 0
  9. Write out the file [Ctrl-O] and exit [Ctrl-X].
  10. Test for issues prior to rebooting:
    $ sudo mount -a
  11. If no errors, reboot.

At this point, you will have a permanently mounted access to a SMB share on TrueNAS or any network storage device sharing thru SMB protocol. You can also add more SMB shares by repeating steps 3 thru 8. This will come in handy for when you want to write from you torrent client, such as Qbittorrent directly to your NAS upon completion.

1. How to Install Ubuntu on Windows with Hyper-V – Aleksandar Kovačević
2. Permanently Mount CIFS/SMB Share in Ubuntu – Marc Jenkins
3. How to Mount a Samba Share on Ubuntu and Debian – Rahul Kumar

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